A Ghazal for the Dead – a University of Alberta memorial for flight PS752

A very sad occasion. The UofAlberta memorial to those who lost their lives in the deadly Tehran crash on January 8, 2020. I have felt grief-stricken by the hate and cruelty, the loss of life. So I was glad to attend with my neighbour, friend, and colleague - a wonderful young woman Zohreh and her beautiful family. The space overflowed with fellow mourners.

The Origins of the Mill Creek War Room — Or, How We Stole Our Logo

At a Mill Creek Winter Solstice gathering in an undisclosed location, several shifty-looking neighbours wasted no time to plot resistance against Alberta’ United Conservative Party (UCP) lies and corruption. Thus, the Mill Creek War Room was born. Inspired by the intrepid Jason Kenney UCP Stupid Campaign to propagandize about the fossil fuel industry, we stole our own logo for free.

Unsettling Relations: Margaret Donnelly (1841-1896)

Henry & Grizella Donnelly - Margaret Donnelly & Robert Shields - great great grandparents - my paternal grandmother's Irish and English lineage My paternal great great grandmother Margaret Donelly was a mystery to me. At twenty years of age in 1861, she lived with aging parents - her mother Grace or Grizella and father Henry… Continue reading Unsettling Relations: Margaret Donnelly (1841-1896)