Pandemic Journal 19/8/22 – Some of my favourite things

Sleep Glorious Sleep
Temporary Unconsciousness of the COVID-haired Nap Queen With Aged Jowl
(the latter autocorrects to “Jewel”, thank you)
Snapshot: Beloved Bumblebee en Famille
Still Singing Her Praises With Love
Uncle Garry’s Sculpture Garden
My Almost First Date With Cute Favourite Home Baker
(introducing ‘my mother’s spicy muffins’)

Then. With Coco Ming Poodle.
When Trees Crocheted.
Just Because (emphatically)
Redder Than Red: Summer 2022

1 thought on “Pandemic Journal 19/8/22 – Some of my favourite things”

  1. Heh, sleeping beauty! You are a jewel. The kohinoorno less. Loved your reminiscences and the garden beauty. Looks as though your short sojourn to Manitoba was a pleasant experience.  Hugs to you and Buzz❤🌹🌹Sent from my Galaxy


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