Pandemic Journal 4/7/2020 — On dreams in times of COVID

Friends shared dreams & I realize mine have nothing to do with sustainable plots & everything to do with ampersands & flying around the world to wonderful galleries & architectural sites & amazing places.

In the meantime I’m lucky to have my garden … & tolerant friends.

My rear-view mirror fantasies remain impossible dreams in times of climate catastrophe & COVID.*

* my fantasies are part of what propelled us to this tragic moment.

Dreams of dancing

On a walk with a friend I witnessed two women surveying the meadow. They told us they are planning a dance party on July 14.

“Social-distanced dance party?” I asked.
“Oh yes.”
“A 2-meter-white-square-marked-off-square-Toronto-Bellevue-Park kind of dance party?”
“Oh yes.”

To dance en plein air.
A masked ball on the green.

Blog Photographs: Bao in Barcelona, 4 July, 2012.

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