My generosity has limits

(Handy for writing in bed.)

Then lost in thought, I sat on the couch and organized my new blog site.
(While watching her tidy.)* No pressure from my friend who went about her business.

After I departed, she worked til 1:30 am.
I went to bed at 10.

(Multitasking is a myth. Working mothers simply work more.)**

My generosity has limits in my first month of retirement.

And I feel guilty.

But not guilty enough.

(I promise to do better?)



*on mess perception: “My colleagues and I recently busted another relevant myth – that women are better at seeing mess than men. We found men and women equally rated a space as messy. The reason men do less cleaning than women may lie in the fact that women are held to higher standards of cleanliness than men, rather than men’s “dirt blindness”. Recent data shows Australian men are spending more time doing domestic work than they used to, but women still do the vast majority of housework.”

**on the advantages of the frontal lobe & “overfocusing”: “For example, if we’re performing a task where we want to watch TV and ignore voices that are coming from, say, our children nearby,” [Daniel] Weissman said, “our frontal region brain may configure the brain to prioritize visual information and dampen down auditory information.” And the brain’s executive will keep us in that mode until we hear, say, one of our children screaming.


(This is my garden where I sit.)

Sept 2019: No classes. First time since I began teaching as York U grad teaching in 1982.*

*(Give or take a couple of sabbaticals since I was hired by the University of Alberta, July 1987.)





i am embedded
in this world


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