First Friend

20 May 2019

I moved to Edmonton in 1987 and Myrna Kostash was the only person I knew beyond several UofA colleagues. I knew of her through some feminist artist and writers friends in Toronto. Myrna was most welcoming and through her I met other socialist-feminist Ukrainian friends who lived in a wonderful collective community where all of the houses in several blocks belonged to a housing co-op. I thought that was a remarkable and humane community. Still do.

This morning, Myrna treated me to a retirement brunch at the Muttart Conservatory Culina restaurant. And we talked about what we always talk about. Feminist politics. Alberta politics. Canadian politics. The world at large. And writing. What we are doing. What other writers are doing. And as I recall we have always talked about Carolyn Forche among others. And of course, writing as witness and social action. It was as rewarding a conversation as the many we have shared over these long 32 years. Love Myrna and her work. A testament to such commitment to the craft and art of nonfiction and the engaged life.

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